Thursday, October 9, 2008

princess cupcakes

my friend jamie asked for some ideas for princess cupcakes. i've been thinking about what would be cute ever since i read your comment this morning jamie :). i came up with this cupcake while my boys were napping today. it was really fun :). i cut two stars from some scrapbook glued a sucker stick & some wrapping paper ribbon inbetween the two to make a princess wand...then cut a large circle out of pink tissue paper and hot glued it to the cupcake wrapper to add some spice :). i had some princess ribbon lying around (i have tons of ribbon bc i used to make things & sell 'em on ebay) that i glued to the outside of the base. oh, and the cupcake is just regular chocolate with strawberry frosting and fun pink sprinkles :). man, i need a little girl or something :).


Jamie said...

Super cute Kara! I love it! Now the hard part will be trying to do it myself! Her b-day is nov. 26th so I'll take pictures so you can see how they turn out! I'll make sure to buy extra cake mix and start at 5 am so I can have time to recover if it all goes to hell! Thanks for taking on that project today!:) Your going to start a cupcake craze you know that! All of the cupcakes are darling!

Amberly said...

You are SO creative!! I would never think of that! I love the princess cupcake! I would love a little girl too! :)

Cori said...

SO CUTE!! My daughter would love this for her birthday party!


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