Saturday, October 7, 2006

welcome to kara's cupcakes!

I decided to start a cupcake blog for all my cupcake creations. As many of you know, I LOVE cupcakes :). I don't know what it is exactly that draws me to any cupcake recipe, or ANYTHING cupcake for that matter..i just can't help myself. maybe it's because they're so small and cute..maybe it's because the icing and sprinkles on them just jump out at me..i don't know...i'm just so in love with them! so here goes nothing..i'm going to test my skills and work on some much needed improvements! More coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Good morning.

Three friends of mine and I came by your Santa Row shop last night. The cupcakes look wonderful, have great names and visually are very appealing. Sadly, I am disappointed with the flavor and texture of the cupcakes. I purchased a carrot mini, a white with milk chocolate and a chocolate with caramel filling and chocolate frosting. My interest in sending you this commentary is for you to hear feedback and have customer insights. Taste is very personal, but I found it interesting that 2/4 of us were not pleased at all with any of our choices. I have not chatted with the other 2 friends.
The frosting is very sweet, and I don't mind that if it's also flavorful. I can tell you the one that was OK, is the milk chocolate one. The cake on each of the cupcakes was dry and even the carrot, which is by nature moist was not. We purchased at about 8:30 pm, don't know how fresh the cupcakes were. Lastly, the dark chocolate cupcake with caramel filling, is as hard as a rock this morning. :(

I personally will not be purchasing any Kara's cupcakes after this experience. I hope I am an exception for you and not the norm. Thank you for listening. I hope my feedback helps you make changes that will have a tasty as well as "pretty" product.

kara said...

dear anonymous, you have actually got the wrong person :). i am not the kara's cupcake shop in california :). i'm a stay at home mom who bakes cupcakes on ocasion and has a blog about it :). you need to go to

Anonymous said...

Kara!!!! I just fell in love with the creativity you have. I'm a cupcake lover at heart as well and have been so since literally the day I was born. My name is Sarah Leigh and the nurse in the nursery called me little cupcake because of my name and I've loved them ever since. We might have been sisters in the life before if you know what I mean. :) Neat Neat ideas! I love the girls night out popcorn and the real cotton candy ideas. I look forward to seeing others. I'd love to share my ideas with you too. Thanks for a great blog. said...

Here, I do not actually consider it is likely to have effect.

Anonymous said...

Overpriced, dried out, not worth it!! dont know what the big hype is about? dont waste your hard earned money! make your own, I am sure they will be better then these!

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