Tuesday, May 12, 2009

cupcake earrings

I made these cute little cupcake earrings today for my upcoming cupcake tea party. Aren't they adorable?! My friend sent me a link to a tutorial on how to make them...they're from saucy's sprinkles.

Here's my tutorial...
Supplies you will need:
Polymer clay (at least 2 different colors)
Eye pins
Jump rings
Earring piecesTake the brown (or color you are using for the cupcake bottom) clay and roll it into a thick snake. Then cut the snake into small pieces...Use a knife or wire to make marks around the sides of the small shape (cuppy bottom)...Then take your other piece of clay and roll it out into a thin snake (this is for the frosting part of the cuppy)...Take the clay snake and attach it to the cupcake bottom. Then start swirling it around the top in a circular motion until it's as tall as you would like. Pinch the clay off at the tip...And here they are ready to go in the oven (just follow the packaging instructions as far as baking goes). I added small beads for sprinkles and inserted the connector throught the top...And the final result! Here they are after they're all baked with earring hooks added (I also sprayed them with a clear varnish)...


Anonymous said...

These are adorable! Thanks, Kara.

Samantha said...

I LOVE these! I have to go get clay to try it myself! :-)

iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

So cute! I love your blog! We have a fitness group of Moms and we call ourselves the cupcakes :) I HAVE to make them these earrings! I just did a post about us.

Lyndsey said...

I found the cupcake earrings from Saucy's Sprinkles:

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Aww, these are darling! I'll be linking.

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love these! My BFFs daughter is having a cupcake Birthday party. I think your site is just what I need for some great gifts and party ideas! Thanks!


carlyjcais said...

What kind of clear varnish did you use? When I've used Mod Podge on my polyclay stuff, it ends up being tacky.
Love the earrings - so cute!

Rachel Dartt said...

Those are soo cute! I totally am grabbing your banner and putting it on my blog!


I will tell everyone about you!!

everything pink! said...

loved it and made a million of them.

We put you on www.2cleverblog.com

Think & Pink

Saucy said...

I have used clear nail polish (I like Sally Hansen the best) to seal the cupcakes, you can use the nail polish with the glitter on the "frosting" part, it looks cute!

Sometimes I don't put the sealant on the "cake" part, it looks better not shiny!

(Saucy's tip)

HJC Editor said...

Your tutorial is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at http://www.handmade-jewelry-club.com/

Contact me here if you have a concern.



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