Monday, May 18, 2009

cupcake suckers

I made these fun cupcake suckers the other day for our cupcake tea party this week! I found the molds on ebay. They were really fun and pretty easy to make! Just get candy melts in various colors...then melt and mold in layers :). Fun stuff.


glenna said...

Looks fun.

Cori said...

That is seriously so cute! How much do you charge for cute cupcakes?

Terry Grahl said...

Hello Kara,

OMG!!! I love these cupcake suckers!! Would you ever consider donating some for the special cooking event I have planned for abused girls. Please check out my website to learn more about my organization and the special cooking event.

Many Blessings,
Terry Grahl

Kristine said...

is this like the mold you used?

did you but two of them together to make them fully 3d like that?

kara said...

yes, those are the molds i used! i didn't put two together..they were flat on the back :).


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